Will Record Labels Accept My Demo?

They sure will, if you follow all the right steps of submission. Record labels have always accepted demos from musicians and artists. From time to time, they try to send out a warning that they do not accept unsolisited material. However, it is mainly directed to primarily to teenagers who basically refuse to follow the proper procedures of submission and basically spam the music managers email boxes. It is utterly important to respect A&R's submission guidelines and send your material as required.

How Can I Be Sure A&R's Will Be Interested In My Demo?

Hundreds of U.S. and Worldwide music professionals or music management companies are waiting for artists to send them their music demos. Every record label company wants to be the first ones to review and hopefully sign a new artist to their label. The trick is of course to know WHAT to send in your music demo package and HOW to compile it properly. A number of record label companies and a&r managers will not get passed the first song if it does not catch their full attention. For example, if you want to increase your chances of being signed to a record label, your demo package MUST contain an 8x10 picture of you or your band. It's preferred that you go to a studio to get the picture done. Music managers, producers and publishers DO NOT just want someone to sing or perform well. They also want an artist to have an image. Your image is your signature.

Shall I Follow the Submission Guidelines or My Talents Are Good Enough?

What is it that you have to offer to these Music Managers that others do not? How special are you? Are you really musically talented? You have to ask yourself these questions. Make sure that your final demo package includes everything there is about your or your band. For example, your biography, your professional facebook, linkedin, blogs or other social network websites that talk about your music career.

Make sure that your biography is gramatically written and interesting to read. A&R's do not just want someone who can sing their heart out, they are also looking for new artists who are educated enough and have a character or image.

Make sure that you send your demo out via Priority Mail with a signature confirmation and a return receipt. Also, make sure that you have your return address custom label with some nice artwork. Many music industry professionals notice a package "by it's cover" and want it to be "glamorous". Fortunately or unfortunately, that is the nature of show business. Everything must really stand out, otherwise, it will not grab someone's attention.

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